Permabois Wood Flooring

We are very happy to offer PERMABOIS Engineered floors!

Solely made in Canada, fully oil-saturated and Green Conscious.

PERMABOIS is made with real sawn hardwood top layer on a Birch Baltic multiply plywood. The biggest advantage of this product is certainly the stability.

The risk of creaking noises is reduced thanks to the firm take of the mortise-tenon combination (click-type tongue & groove).

The sides of each plank (tenon) are oiled, which eliminates the undesirable colour-variation effect created by the spaces between planks that occur with changes in humidity inside the home.

Generally, most wood flooring should be refinished every 7 to 10 years in order to restore and revive the look.... With PERMABOIS’s excellence, involves a fully oil-impregnation process that provides your wood floors with remarkable properties.

Walking on an oiled PERMABOIS floor means walking on a floor that improves with age, gaining a rich and natural patina that will actually harden the surface and become more resistant year after year. With the proper care, you will likely never have to refinish your floors again!!

• Top layer: 2mm or 3mm sawn Hardwood

• Bottom layer: 9mm or 12mm thick plywood comprising 7 layers.

• Installation: Glued or nailed down. Can be installed in basement.

• Radiant heat subfloor: accepted with glycol or water ONLY.

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